Bigg Boss Telugu Vote: Sree Mukhi Gets Badly Trolled

bigg boss sreemukhi
bigg boss sreemukhi

From the start of the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 3, total 5 housemates got eliminated. We all know that Sree Mukhi is one of the strongest contestants in the Bigg Boss Telugu House.

But the fans of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote will be on the right side even though the contestant has a big fan base. Let us take an example of last season Kaushal didn’t know anyone, but he got a full fanbase because of his genuine behavior.

Recently, Sree Mukhi got trolled in Social Media for the word “heaven’s sake” while playing a captaincy task she used that word.

Even though Sree Mukhi had a high fan base, she got trolled. Netizens took advantage of that situation and left no chance to roast Sree Mukhi.

People are saying that Sree Mukhi shouldn’t speak that word instead of avoiding she is making violence in Bigg Boss Telugu Vote house.

Sree Mukhi is in the elimination list of this week along with Rahul, Mahesh, Ravi Krishna, and Ali. Because of millions of followers, Sree Mukhi will be safe from eliminations.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see that Baba Bhaskar will be a new Captain of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote house. Last week Varun Sandesh was the Captain.

We have to see how Baba Bhaskar will lead the house as a new captain of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote.

Rumors are going viral on the internet that Sree Mukhi is getting 3 Crores as remuneration for the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season.


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