Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Promo – 13th September

bigg boss telugu promo
bigg boss telugu promo

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 3 is winning this time overheated arguments and fights between housemates.

Here in the first promo of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 3, we can see that Sreemukhi and Varun Sandesh having a rough argument that sreemukhi should respect everyone’s opinion that concerns over all the housemates.

Later, Sreemukhi argued that she has every right that she can talk and express her feelings.

While coming to the second promo of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 3, Every housemate has been called Bigg Boss into the confession room. First, from Bigg Boss Baba Bhaskar has to say alphabets from Z to A. Rahul sipligunj took Gunjillu punishment in confession room itself while Punarnavi Bhupalam singing the rhym Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Later, both wife and husband-Vithika Sheru and Varun Sandesh went into the confession room.

Ravi Krishna and Himaja at first praised Bigg Boss for offering cafes and Chocolates for them. While Himaja eating, she kept chocolate in her mike bag.

In another promo, Bigg Boss has given a secret task to Mahesh Vitta to get out of Bigg Boss by taking his suitcase. After getting an announcement from Bigg Boss, housemates get shocked and stood surprisingly.

Mahesh Vitta told that he didn’t feel to get out of Bigg Boss House to Baba Bhaskar and ready to leave the house.

Will Bigg Boss keep Mahesh Vitta in a secret room?

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