Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 61, November 5, Highlights

bigg boss telugu 4 highlights
bigg boss telugu 4 highlights

The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 started with a fight between Avinash, Mehboob, and Akhil.

Abhijeet and Ariyana fought over food supply during the task. Abhijeet asked her to go through the rules before attacking his team. Ariyana refused to eat. Amma Rajasekhar and Abhijeet fought over the rules of the task concerning selling food.

Sohel makes a special request to Abhijeet to offer an omelette too.


Harika requested to offer a pan but Avinash denied giving. This triggered a fight with Avinash for disrespectfully addressing her. Later, Avinash demolished his pan shop.

Mehboob and Avinash questioned Sohel, the village head, for being a silent witness of the entire fight.

Avinash and Harika fought over each other’s performance in the task. She accomplished her second assignment of annoying Avinash in her secret task.

Harika later wrote “Mehaboob you’re dead” on the mirror with lipstick, thereby accomplishing her third secret task as well. Akhil identified that thought it was Abhijeet’s handwriting.

Later, Avinash announced that Harika was the murderer.

Sohel as a village head questioned Ranga (Avinash). Abhijeet told Sohel that Harika is the murderer. Harika blamed Akhil for the killings. Avinash opined Akhil can be the murderer. But a majority of the housemates reported to Bigg Boss that Harika is the murderer.


Rajasekhar was selected as the first captaincy contender declared by the host Nagarjuna on the weekend episode. Harika was chosen as the second contender for completing her secret task. Ariyana, captain of the house, chose herself as the best performer during the entire week. Finally, Amma Rajasekhar, Harika, and Ariyana are going to participate as the captaincy conders.

As per the next BB Sponsor Task, the contestants had to share about the most cherished and life-changing moment in life.

Lasya has won the task and she offered an oppo camera phone by the housemates.


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