Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 58, November 2, Highlights

bigg boss telugu 4 highlights
bigg boss telugu 4 highlights

Akhil told Monal that he needs some space and time for himself. Ariyana instructed Sohel to pour buckets of water on Mehaboob as a punishment for sleeping during the day under her captaincy. She then complained against Mehaboob for not cleaning properly.

Later, Dog barks in Bigg Boss House for Sohel sleeping. Ariyana ordered Sohel to take a dip in a swimming pool but sohel refused to take as he wants to do it later in the evening but Ariyana rejected. Sohel then rushed to jump into the pool. He promised to take revenge on her when he becomes a captain in the future.


Avinash and Amma Rajasekhar tried to soothe him. Akhil tried to explain to him. Sohel later forgot to wear a mic and she asked to serve punishment.

Sohel and Ariyana got into an argument regarding his missing shoelace. He claimed that Ariyana misplaced his shoelace and demanded her to accept punishment for it.

As per the nomination task, every housemate had to break an egg on the contestant they want to nominate for eviction. Monal had to take someone’s help as she cannot touch eggs.

Ariyana nominated Harika and Sohel giving her reasons. Sohel found Ariyana’s reasons invalid and attitude annoying. Sohel and Ariyana got into an argument.

Avinash nominated Abhijeet for supporting Noel in their previous discussion between them. Avinash and Abhijeet got into an argument. Avinash then nominated Harika.

Sohel wanted to nominate Ariyana but couldn’t as she is the captain. He then nominated Monal and Abhijeet for sharing the talks between the other two contestants to the third person and cracking jokes on him.


Abhijeet nominated Avinash adding that the latter’s entertainment is mediocre. He asked him not to do comedy on them but Avinash says he was paid for it.

In the coming episode, we can see that Abhijeet is going to nominate Amma Rajasekhar for not taking the words that will lead to a fight in between them.


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