Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 28, October 04, Highlights

bigg boss telugu 4 highlights
bigg boss telugu 4 highlights

Model-turned-actress Swathi Deekshith got evicted from the BB house on Sunday. Host Nagarjuna invited her on to the stage.

While interacting with the housemates on the stage after eviction, Swathi shared her thoughts on the contestants and their strategy.

Talking about Sai Kumar, Swathi felt that he is extremely lucky in the house. She felt he is talented but needs motivation for any performance.

Swathi accused Amma Rajasekhar of backstabbing her and she also revealed that he was the first one to feed her in the house when she entered the house but he backstabbed her by nominating her for elimination saying she is being fake.

Swathi called Sujatha the “Gossip Queen” of the house further revealing that she gossips regularly before going to bed.

Swathi gave Sohel the board “Thief” adding that he’s pure at heart but very aggressive and loose-tongued as well. She advised him to control his anger to progress in the game.

She called Lasya an “opportunist” referring to her performance in the Killer Coins task.

Swathi suggested to Noel that should stop blindly trusting everyone especially Monal. Swathi later called Monal a “manipulator” referring to her equation with Akhil and Abhijeet.

Swathi called Mehboob a follower who will easily be influenced. She felt Ariyana is overconfident while Harika is a ‘tube light’.

Talking about Abhijeet, Swathi felt he is slightly egoistic, overthinking, and can’t take rejection and Swathi called Gangavva a “complaint box”.

Stating that Akhil is less focused, Swathi opined he needs to concentrate on the game rather than seeking emotional support from someone. Swathi added that a few contestants are getting offended by Avinash’s comedy in the house. She later added that Divi is her best friend in the house.

Before leaving the stage, Swathi throws her Bigg Bomb on Amma Rajasekhar wishing him to come out of the Bigg Boss house at the earliest. According to this, he is not eligible to participate in the next week’s captaincy task which implies that he can’t gain immunity by becoming a captain that can keep him in the house for one entire week.

Bigg Boss has given a task to the housemates where male contestants dressed as females and vice versa to show there is no gender equality. They walked on the ramp and performed funny skits. Host Nagarjuna appreciated Sohel and Ariyana’s dance; Amma Rajasekhar-Sujatha’s sketch and gave Kumar Sai a special mention.

‘Balloon Kabaddi’ task where the contestants were divided into two teams (A and B). In a game where each team had to pop the balloons of their opponents and Avinash was the referee-commentator, Team A with Mehaboob, Sohel, Monal, Divi, Harika, Ariyana and Noel won the game.

The nominated contestants then discussed and stood based on each other’s popularity. Harika, Sohel, and Kumar fought for the 4th position. The housemates then decided that Sohel is fit for the 4th position, Kumar Sai in 5th position, and placed Harika in the 6th position. Host Nagarjuna revealed that they were all safe and the positions they gave each other weren’t true, according to the audience. He asked them to keep giving their best in every task before signing off.

From the promo of the next episode, we can see that there will be nominations for eliminations and the episode is going to be emotional.


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