Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Amit Tiwari Biography

bigg boss vote telugu
bigg boss vote telugu

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Amit Tiwari is an Indian Film Action Actor known primarily for his negative roles in Telugu films, as well as a few Tamil, Hindi, and Kannada films. Some of his notable roles are in successful films such as Vikramarkudu (2006), Lakshyam (2007), Rowdy Rathore (2012), Temper (2015).

 Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Amit Tiwari was a contestant in reality TV show Bigg Boss Telugu 2 in 2018, where he finished in 7th place and was evicted on day 98.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Amit Tiwari is one of the Fittest Actor in South Indian Film Industry .

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Amit Tiwari weight is about 80 kgs & height 5’ 8’’.

bigg boss telugu vote

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Amit Tiwari belongs to Middle Class family & he is hindu-brahmin family.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Amit Tiwari married to Pooja Amit Tiwari who is a house-wife & had one son.

bigg boss telugu vote

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Process

The official voting process of Bigg boss telugu is to cast your vote Online.

There are many public opinion polls offered by many websites like us, you can cast your vote and support your favourite housemates.

Some of the popular websites which conducting public opinion poll is


But to declare to the viewers, the public opinion poll is not the official one.

How the votes from the viewers are counted?

From the Google voting count which is voted using “bigg boss telugu vote” by the viewers, the allowed 50 points from the viewers which split to contestants are aggregated as a total.

Based on the total count of the vote cast from Google, the further process will happen.

How the elimination process happen?

During each week elimination process, the contestant who gets least votes than the only contestant who gets more votes will get the elimination.

For Example:

Let’s take contestant 1, contestant 2, contestant 3, contestant 4 are in the elimination process for that week.

Contestant 3 get low votes and remaining all contestants get more votes than contestant 3 means, then contestant 3 with low votes got eliminated.

The eliminated contestants are no longer able to stay inside the house. They will be sent out along with their luggage.

Which Housemates are saved from the Eviction?

On the weekly elimination process, the contestant who gets more votes in the Bigg boss telugu Voting process will be saved from the Eviction. And this saved person will stay in the house.

Bigg Boss Telugu  vote Result

The result of the elimination process is announced during the weekend of the show by the show host Jr. NTR.

The process of result announcement is directly told to the contestants by Jr.NTR through the video conferencing, Which is called Star MAA TV by the host.

After the result announced the person who got low votes will be sent out.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 3 – Star Maa TV

This popular reality show hosted by Actor Nani in Star Maa TV is one of the show which gets more TRP rate in Telugu Television industry.

Launch Date

The show bigg boss telugu– Season 3 is officially started in June 10, 2018. As there are so much anticipation and expectation all over the bigg boss telugu fans in the world, after the show launched the contestants are revealed.

Broadcast – Star Maa TV

Star Maa TV got the licence to telecast Bigg boss telugu Season 1 and Bigg boss telugu Season 2 & Bigg boss telugu Season 3 from Endemol India.


Bigg Boss Telugu Reality Show Season 3 is also streamed in Hotstar website, a popular video streaming website, which stream popular television shows and movies online.

The House

The reality show “Bigg Boss Telugu” is conducted inside a well furnished house which consists of sufficient space and rooms. This house contains two big bedrooms which can occupy all the contestants.

There will be seperate bedroom for female contestants and another seperate bedroom for male contestants.

Apart from bedrooms there is a store room which has all the food items that required for the contestants to cook, seperate furnished toilet bathrooms.

Another room called confession room, which is a private room. In this room all the eviction process nomination happens.

The Bigg Boss of the house call each contestants to this room and ask them whom they willing to nominate for the week nomination.

Also if incase any of the contestant want to talk to Bigg Boss they will be discussed privately inside this confession room along with Bigg Boss.
This confession room has a big chair and a Television.

There is also a big dining hall which has sufficient chairs for all contestants to sit and have their food prepared by the co contestants.

There is a big hall along with a big television. In this hall, every week, the host Actor Nani meet the housemates though video conferencing in the television placed in the main hall.

There is also a garden area outside the house. In this garden area, an attached swimming pool is there.

Housemates can use this swimming pool whenever they need.
Most of the team activities, tasks are happened in this garden area.
There is also a smoking room is in this house. Contestants can smoke inside this room.

This wont be recorded and telecasted public in the show.
Apart from smoking room and toilet bathrooms, all other areas are monitered by cameras.
In this season 2 of Bigg Boss Telugu, there is also a Jail room for punishment.

If any contestant caught cheating or not following rules of Bigg Boss, they will be sent to this Jail room.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote House Location

The house of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote is constructed as a Set worth of 1 crore and located in Annapurna Studios.

Annapurna Studios is located in Hyderabad – Telangana


  • All the contestants are arrested inside the Bigg Boss House. They won’t sent out. The contestants are no more allowed to use any communication device such as mobile phones, internet. They will be closely monitored by all the cameras located all over the house.
  • Each housemate are provided with a microphone device, which is used to track their voice. The housemates can only remove the mic while they using toilet bathrooms and during sleep time. In the rest of the time they need to wear the microphone along with them.
  • The contestants inside the house need to follow what the Bigg Boss told to them. Regarding tasks, team activities, and many other instructions that will be told by Bigg Boss. If any contestant not following the instruction given by Bigg Boss, will face the relevant punishments.
  • The contestants are not allowed to sleep during the day time. They can only allowed to sleep during the night time. If in case of physical illness they are allowed.

100 Days

This Bigg boss telugu Reality show is continuously conducted for 100 days. The shorter version of a day will be edited and telecasted in television. Some of other interesting activities which happened in that day is also telecasted in Hotstar as seperate videos.


This reality show is hosted by Popular Telugu Actor Nani. He is an Indian Film Actor,  Director and multi talented Film industry person.

Nomination Process

In this bigg boss telugu vote reality show, to finalise the winner and runner up, there is a process of elimination of other contestants is happened every week.
This elimination process is starts first with nomination process.
In this nomination process, all the housemates called individually to the confession room by Bigg Boss.

Each of the contestants are told to choose two or three contestants to nominate along with a reason.
None of the contestants are allowed to not selecting any contestants for nomination. The contestants are mandatory to say the other contestant name for this nomination process.
After getting the nominations from all the contestants the persons who was highly nominated are called for this week elimination process.

Eviction or Elimination Process

After this above nomination process, the most nominated contestants are listed and sent to elimination process.

This listed contestants are declared for the public to vote them to stay or eliminate from the house through a voting process which is conducted in Google search page with a keyword “bigg boss telugu vote”.

In this process, public viewers are allowed with 50 points Bigg Boss Vote the listed contestants. They can share the points to many contestants.
Finally after the voting process completed, the result will be declared in the weekend by the host.

Bigg Boss Telugu  Season 1

In the bigg boss telugu first season, the show is aired on Star Maa TV. The show is hosted by Jr NTR.

First Season of bigg boss telugu started on 25th June 2017 and finished on 30th September 2017.

Bigg boss telugu first season house is  constructed in the far away from Telangana. Right now bigg boss telugu is running in the Annapurna Studios  location with a modified house.

The bigg boss telugu vote First season Winner is Siva Balaji. He is  an actor who acted in limited films. Adarsh is awarded as runner-up for Bigg boss telugu First Season.

Is Bigg Boss Telugu is scripted?

There are many statements, videos and images mentioning bigg boss telugu  vote is completely scripted during the first two to three weeks of the program telecasted. There is no proper proof to say that it is scripted.

But after running for 50+ days it looks as real and people support the individuality of all.

Is Bigg Boss Telugu Hit or Flop?

Many people claimes that bigg boss telugu is a biggest flop and it supports advertisements and illuminati works behind it. But in the reality the bigg boss telugu Season is a acceptable hit in the Telugu Television industry.

During the time of telecast, majority of people in Telangana talks about Bigg Boss and that is a great sign for the success of this show.

That’s all about bigg boss telugu vote (Online Voting Poll) Details. To know more latest news and updates about bigg boss telugu, Check out below and stay tune for more updates in bigg boss telugu.

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