Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Promo – 03rd September

bigg boss telugu promo
bigg boss telugu promo

In the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Promo Of 03rd September 2019, we can clearly see that there is a big argument between Punarnavi and Sreemukhi.

From today promo of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote, Bigg Boss has given a Dongala Task to the housemates. We all know that Sri Mukhi will shout for everything, it’s her game strategy, but punarnavi got disturbed by the voice of Sreemukhi.

Punarnavi requested Sreemukhi not to shout, then Sreemukhi replied smartly that if you want you can also shout. Then after there, another controversy started in Bigg Boss Telugu Vote.

There is a big fight between Varun and Vithika, Bigg Boss playing many dramas for the TRP of the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote show.

After some time thieves entered the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote House and started the robbery from the kitchen, housemates tried their best to save the items from the thieves.

We have to see the full Bigg Boss Telugu Vote episode to know the controversy of Sreemukhi and Punarnavi.

Actually, in the last week of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Punarnavi got saved due to no eliminations i.e., on the occasion of Vinaya Chavithi.  

We can clearly notice that Bigg Boss trying to save Punarnavi from Eliminations for the TRP of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Season 3.

Let us wait and see what will be happen in coming weeks, who are going to eliminate this week comment down your opinion ?


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