Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 39, October 15, Highlights

bigg boss telugu 4 highlights
bigg boss telugu 4 highlights

The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has Avinash and Monal sharing a funny conversation. Avinash trying to connect with Monal while Amma Rajasekhar was at his sarcastic best while commenting on it.

Noel, Abhijeet, Noel, and Harika talked about Divi, Rajasekhar, and Monal and how people tend to change over time in the BB house. Abhijeet said the change is the only constant in the game.

Sohel apologized to Ariyana, while he was in the garden area for refusing her in the kitchen area. Ariyana told Avinash that Sohel apologized to her. Avinash advised her to patch up at the earliest.

In the next luxury budget task, Mehaboob and Kumar Sai had to drink a maximum number of juice bottles picked from the pool to win the luxury budget items. Luxury Budget Items will be written under the bottle. Mehboob won the task.

Housemates discharge out their frustration by shouting at the top of their lungs. Abhijeet and Kumar Sai didn’t accept this.

The housemates got emotional as they watched a video collage of their childhood pictures. They then got to share their stories. Ariyana, Mehboob, Lasya, Sohel, Monal, Harika, Amma Rajasekhar, and Noel were seen sharing stories about them, their family, and childhood.

Ariyana revealed her name is Archana and shared her story of how she traveled from Archana to Ariyana. Mehboob shared his emotional story of his father and mother along with his brother who sacrifices their moments for him.

Sohel shares the story of his father who has worked in Singareni and he said that he will make his father proud while Lasya shares how her mother suffered while she was pregnant and felt sorry for her father expresses that she is missing Manjunath and her son Junnu.

Monal shares her journey started from being poor to acting in the films while Noel Sean shares his story that his father is a fan of Megastar Chiranjeevi that hits him to be an actor.

Amma Rajasekhar shared his story and said to give importance to love rather than money while Harika shared her story of a father.

At midnight, Harika, Lasya, Akhil, and Noel were spotted having some fun in the kitchen.


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