Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 38, October 14, Highlights

bigg boss telugu 4 highlights
bigg boss telugu 4 highlights

The latest episode started with Bigg Boss giving the task of half-shaving head and beard and it was rejected to do by Amma Rajasekhar and later by Ariyana’s team. The task got canceled.

As per the next task, anyone out of the two teams has to sit in the bathtub which is filled with cow dung, and need to search for 100 buttons in it. Divi has done it.

On the other hand, Avinash had to eat bananas wearing a stocking on the face. Abhijeet wore the stocking on his head. Sohel being the Sanchalak asked him to wear it on his face covering his mouth to participate in the task.

Avinash later complained that Sohel is being biased towards Akhil’s team. Sohel asked her not to step out of the bathtub during the task.

According to the next task, Akhil had to sit on a chair until further instructions from Bigg Boss while the rest of the contestants tried to wash him continuously by pouring soap water, shampoo on him in an attempt to make him leave the chair.

Avinash objected to Sohel’s intervention in the task.

Noel wiped Akhil’s eyes as Ariyana’s team poured shampoo on the latter. Ariyana’s team tried to object to it. This led to an argument between the housemates. Sohel eventually asked Noel to stop him.

Despite being the sanchalak, Avinash said Sohel had no clarity over the task. He complained that Sanchalak can’t give warnings during the task. Sohel defended his performance. Avinash called Sohel ‘biased and unfair’. This led to an argument between Avinash and Sohel. Akhil took Sohel into the washroom where he can’t control his anger and punched something.


As per the last lask, anyone has to self-nominate for eviction in the next week. Team Blue(Akhil) hit the bell first and Noel got self-nominated.

Akhil’s (Blue) team won the task. Later, Sohel burst into tears revealing that he is clueless why everyone is finding fault with me no matter what, Mehboob and Akhil consoled him.

Bigg Boss gave the captaincy task that contenders have to hit their color ball with the bat which was on kept attacked on the head into the net and the highest number of color balls will be declared as the captain of the house.

Noel won the captaincy task and became the captain of the house for the second time and he won’t get immunity for the next week because he is self-nominated in the task. He elected Mehboob as the ration manager.


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