Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 37, October 13, Highlights

bigg boss telugu 4 highlights
bigg boss telugu 4 highlights

The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 started with the housemates having fun behaving as some properties inside the house in the Morning Masti task acted Akhil as Bathroom Area, Monal as a door, and Divi as Dustbin.

Divi called Avinash ‘comedy piece’ which he didn’t like that. When Avinash posed a serious objection, she told him that he should be sportive enough to take a joke on him as well.

Abhijeet advised Sohel to work on his anger issues and the latter explained how he is working on it and he also explained the situation how things will go into the air when he spoke with a high voice.

According to the captaincy task ‘Ami Tumi’, the housemates get divide into two teams – Team Ariyana (Red) and Team Akhil (Blue).

Abhijeet, Mehboob, Lasya, Monal belonged to Team Ariyana. While Harika, Noel, Divi, Kumar Sai, and Amma Rajasekhar were a part of Team Akhil.

Sohel, the captain of the house, was the sanchalak of the task.


In the task, gold coins in equal amounts were given to both the team. Bigg Boss then offered a deal to both the teams. Upon a buzzer, Akhil and Ariyana have to hit the bell and the one who hits the bell first will get a chance to perform the task. Each challenge carried a definite score that the team loses coins for every successful challenge performed. The team with fewer gold coins towards the end of the task will be declared winners. The captaincy contenders will be chosen from the winning team.

Deal 1: A male contestant had to cut his clothes into pieces for 10 gold coins. Kumar Sai did this successfully.

Deal 2: A contestant had to sacrifice their clothes and belongings for 20 coins. Ariyana hit the bell first and Abhijeet did this.

Deal 3: A female contestant had to trim her hair and get a red dye for 25 coins. Harika from Akhil’s team got emotional revealing that her brother warned her against trimming hair. She apologized to her brother and got her hair cut.

Deal 4: A male contestant had to single-handedly hold the sandbag until the final buzzer. Kumar Sai yet again performed this task successfully for 20 coins.

Deal 5: Lasya from Ariyana’s team drank two glasses of an unusual mocktail for 20 coins. Lasya said she did it for her son Junnu.

Day 6: Monal from Ariyana’s team performed the next challenge according to which she wore a jute costume.

As per the next episode promo, we can see that Akhil is going to perform a task and there will be a tiff between Avinash and Sohel.


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