Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 36, October 12, Highlights

bigg boss telugu 4 highlights
bigg boss telugu 4 highlights

The episode started with Abhijeet speaking to Monal that she flipped her words in front of host Nagarjuna when she was asked who (Abhijeet and Akhil) were at fault. He also said that she speaks in her favor.

Ariyana made a cake for Abhijeet and the housemates celebrated his birthday. Monal fell ill and needed saline support as Akhil took care of her.

Amma Rajasekhar and Sohel fought over cleaning the dishes, especially a cup that had been used by him. Rajasekhar said Sohel will face a problem. Ariyana also wanted to say something but Sohel dismissed her after Mehboob has spoken with him. This irked her. Sohel reported to Bigg Boss that Ariyana shouted at him but he tried to keep his cool as promised to host Nagarjuna.

Housemates discussed using the plates in the house. Ariyana explained why she was offended in the discussion. Sohel objected to Kumar Sai pointing his finger at him. Mehboob supported Sohel while Kumar Sai gave his opinion on how an ideal captain should be.

  • Ariyana nominated Mehboob and Monal giving her reasons.
  • Divi nominated Noel saying she thinks he is being fake and also Mehboob based on trust issues.
  • Noel nominated Divi that he never quits the game by complaining about leg pains for sympathy and Abhijeet for that we will come to know that how much strength we are when we are getting saved by the audience.
  • Harika nominated Ariyana and Kumar Sai for requesting a tip during the BB Hotel Staff task.
  • Abhijeet nominated Mehaboob for abusive words he has spoken and Akhil for taking another name while he is nominating someone.
  • Lasya nominated Mehaboob and Divi.
  • Mehboob nominated Divi and Ariyana.
  • Sohel nominated Ariyana and said he disowns her as a friend. He also nominated Kumar Sai.
  • Amma Rajasekhar nominated Lasya for cooking duty and Abhijeet.
  • Avinash nominated Divi and Abhijeet.
  • Monal nominated Ariyana and Divi.
  • Akhil nominated Abhijeet adding that he did a β€˜worst job’ as a Sanchalak in the captaincy task. He then nominated Ariyana.
  • Kumar Sai nominated Harika for repeatedly targetting him and Monal.

Sohel used his special power and saved Mehaboob from nomination. Nine contestants: – Monal, Ariyana, Abhijeet, Kumar, Divi, Akhil, Noel, Lasya, and Harika – were nominated for eviction.



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