Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 34, October 10, Highlights

bigg boss telugu 4 highlights
bigg boss telugu 4 highlights

The weekend episode started with Bigg Boss sending a warning to all the contestants about them not following the house rules. Cleanliness of the house, talking in Telugu, and maintaining the ration of the house were addressed.

Monal and Akhil are seen holding hands and talking about who his friends in the house are. She shared with him that she feels better when he checks on how she’s doing. The housemates performed a promotional task next.

Host Nagarjuna started addressing the contestants with Akhil and Abhijeet and the episode where they dragged Monal into their argument. Nagarjuna later instructed Abhijeet to not bring up educational qualifications.

Noel stated that he tried to apologize to Amma Rajasekhar about the way he nominated him, and the latter defended himself for having dismissed his apology.


Nagarjuna pointed it out to Sohel that his loud behavior and aggression is looking ugly, and suggested he change his ways. He warned Mehboob against using strong language in the house.

Sohel was the first to be saved from nominations for the next weeks since he is also the captain of the house.

Gangavva expressed worries over her ill health and not being able to perform at her best. She quit the show due to her health concerns.

Teammates gave her a warm farewell and wished for her speedy recovery. She was seen overwhelmed with joy after watching her journey on the show and expressed happiness and gratitude over the opportunity.

In her interaction with the housemates, Gangavva opined that

  • Harika is rather moody
  • Sohel is quite a tempered person
  • Akhil is her favorite and wishes to adopt him
  • Amma Rajasekhar is the light of the house
  • Monal is an innocent and hardworking person
  • Asked Noel to get married at the earliest
  • Lasya took the best care of her as her daughter
  • Ariana is a very self-reliant person, very jovial and kind-hearted person

Gangavva wished the best of everything for the rest of the contestants.
After receiving a standing ovation from her team, Gangavva left the show by saving Akhil this week from nominations.

Host Nagarjuna gave a word that he will be make a favour in helping Gangavva’s dream house.


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