Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 33, October 09, Highlights

bigg boss telugu 4 highlights
bigg boss telugu 4 highlights

The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 started with Bigg Boss teasing Sohel, the captain of the house when he complained about water shortage and requesting BiggBoss to release water.

In the ‘Morning Masti’ task, Noel spoke about how much he loves his mother. Lasya emotionally expressed about embracing parenthood and how he bought a new meaning to her life.

Avinash revealed that he has suicidal thoughts during lockdown due to the financial crunch and he also added that he faced a lot of struggles finally he thanks family, friends, and fans to identify him as a Mukku Avinash. He appealed to everyone to take care of their parents and not ignore them.

Gangavva spoke about her abusive son who neglected her and daughter who died due to illnesses.


According to the next luxury budget task, Sohel picked Mehaboob and Akhil for the task where each contestant had to crawl up a ramp and grab the luxury budget items hanging from the top. Mehboob picked 12 items while Akhil picked 11 items. Mehboob won the task and also a head massage from Monal.

Later, Avinash entertained everyone with a funny task where he acted like Bigg Boss and replied to housemates where they raise some questions regarding BiggBoss’s opinion. Avinash gave witty answers to the housemates and he also made funny comments and gave important advice to them as Bigg Boss.

The contestant had some fun later cracking jokes on each other and participating in Antakshari. Towards the end of the episode, Divi told Monal that she committed a mistake by giving Abhijeet and Akhil the impression that she likes them both.


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