Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 30, October 06, Highlights

bigg boss telugu 4 highlights
bigg boss telugu 4 highlights

The episode started with Lasya cried a lot as Divi alleged that everyone fell sick due to the daal that she cooked. Divi later apologized to Lasya for her comment. Gangavva consoled her.

In the washroom area where monal is crying for taking her name into nominations, Abhijeet apologized to Monal and tried to pacify her and they later decided not to talk about each other with others. He also added that he didn’t intentionally raise her name into the nominations.

At night, Akhil also consoled Monal adding she gave him the right to talk about her and he raised ger name for her good rather than bringing her into the bad light.


Sohel felt bad when Mehboob didn’t respond while he was talking to Noel Sean in his favor. Noel Sean tried to give his explanation regarding Swathi’s nomination but Amma Rajasekhar was angry at Noel.

Bigg Boss called Avinash into the confession room and assigned a secret task according to which he should play on behalf of the guests in the BB Hotel task despite being a hotel staff member. He must ruin at least 10 challenges and services of the hotel staff members and ensure that they (Team hotel staff) don’t win. He will win eligibility for captaincy if he succeeds in the secret task or will face severe consequences in case of any failure. He must inform the cameras about his activity during the task.

According to the captaincy task – β€˜BB Grand Hotel’, the team of hotel staff members must save the hotel from being taken over by rich people. The staff should impress guests and gain 5 stars to save the hotel. Guests should give the hotel members tough challenges. The manager should do the challenges in case his teammates fail to do so.


Team of BB staff:
– Abhijeet as Manager
– Akhil as a security guard
– Sujatha and Lasya are chefs
– While Amma Rajasekhar as Assistant chef and waiter
– Noel and Kumar Sai belong to the housekeeping department
– Divi and Mohal are in charge of spa services
– Avinash is the assistant manager with a secret task at hand

Mehboob, Sohel, and Harika are the rich guests/customers while Ariyana is the princess and Gangavva is the ‘Queen Mother’.

Harika as a guest gets disappointed by Avinash’s reception. she later moves to the spa area and ordered to get a coffee within 3 minutes. Abhijeet as a manager gives a hilarious reply that You’re free to do to Mehaboob and Sohel when they ask for chicken pakoda.

Ariyana complains that Avinash tried to touch her inappropriately and when he was asked by the staff he replied hilariously. Ariyana then gave the task to Avinash to fill the bucket with a spoon as a punishment.

In yet another conversation, Avinash shouts at the guests in front of the princess. This leads to a fight. Manager Abhijeet apologizes on Avinash’s behalf.

Avinash, in yet another scene, asks Princess Ariyana to behave properly. This makes her angry and further leading to a fight again.

Guests tell Abhijeet that they are playing together but awarding then (hotel staff) stars (ratings) would be an individual choice. Amma Rajasekhar objects to this and argues with Sohel and Mehboob. Abhijeet shows his team members the stars in his pocket and mocks Sohel.


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