Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 20, September 26, Highlights

bigg boss telugu 4 highlights
bigg boss telugu 4 highlights

The weekend Episode started with Host Nagarjuna paying tribute to legendary singer SP Balasubramanyam who passed away on Friday.

SPB has sung many songs for Nagarjuna Akkineni. The popular devotional film Annamayya was one of the memorable films in their collaboration.

Nagarjuna can be seen paying homage to the celebrated singer saying, “I’m sure the celestial beings are enjoying his music now”. He prays to God to take care of SPB.

Nagarjuna indirectly targeted Abijeet in multiple issues by asking Harika that why Abhijeet charged the batteries to you rather to other housemates during the Ukka Hrudayam task.

Housemates are also felt very excited when Nagarjuna questioned Harika. Later, he told Monal that there is someone inside her heart that started with the alphabet letter ‘a’.

Nagarjuna intentionally asked Sujatha about whom did Abhijeet is spending more time within the house. She said that he s spending more time with others than with me.

Later, Kumar sai came on the screen with the raise of the issue between Abijeet and Akhil that once Abijeet told that he studied more education than Akhil and how can he talk like that without respecting others when Nagarjuna asked Kumar Sai to reveal an opinion on the artificial person in the house.


Kumar Sai revealed that Abhijeet commented on him badly during the task in the house. He made it clear that Abhijeet is behaving like a split personality. Kumar pointed out that his behavior would be different when he is playing a task and when he is not.

Kumar Sai said that he will keep nominated for elimination till he apologizes Akhil.

Nagarjuna is indicating Abhijeet about the opinions that the audiences are having on him.

Nagarjuna Akkineni made the inmates play a fun game in Bigg Boss house. The actor has given some interesting titles to the winners of the Ukku Hrudayam task. Avinash, Lasya, Harika, Ariyana, Devi Nagavalli, Abhijeet, Gangavva, and Kumar Sai were a part of the Robots team.

Nagarjuna announced three titles, Maha Nayakudu, Maha Nati, and Maha Kantri in the house.

Nagarjuna picked Abhijeet as Maha Nayakudu in the task as he is the only one who leads the team in executing the kidnap plan in Bigg Boss house. Swathi Deekshit gave a medal related to the same to Abhijeet.

Nagarjuna picked Avinash as Maha Kantri as he cleverly got charging from Amma Rajasekhar. He was also given a medal.

Nagarjuna picked Gangavva as Maha Nati in the house. Nag also played some footage of how Gangavva played the game.

Lasya and Monal are being saved in yesterday’s episode. Buzz that, Devi Nagavalli is going to be eliminated from the Bigg Boss House.


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