Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 19, September 25, Highlights

bigg boss telugu 4 highlights
bigg boss telugu 4 highlights

The day started with Amma Rajasekhar and Divi telling Abijeet why they felt hurt with Abijeet’s kidnap plan in the task. Divi didn’t like charging the batteries by Abijeet. Later, Amma Rajasekhar was chill on that issue and gives hug to Abijeet.

Noel, who was jailed for being the worst performer of the task, was released. The housemates celebrated his release and gave him a grand welcome.

Gangavva entertained the housemates by imitating Akhil, Mehboob, and Sohel who got aggressive and emotional during the Robo Vs Human task.

Time for electing the third captaincy for Bigg Boss House. Four housemates Abijeet, Gangavva, Harika, and Avinash nominated for captains. Bigg Boss was given the task named Rangupaduddi Jagratha where contenders had to guard their bowls which are filled with colored liquid. Unitedly, housemates made Gangavva won the task and became the new captain of the house.

Monal and Abijeet sat on the way to the storeroom and opened their hearts to spoke out the truth. Monal gave Abijeet a pleasant surprise by telling him that she likes him and she was discussing the same with Noel last night. With the words heard from Monal, Abijeet felt stunned by saying that how you couldn’t tell me rather to Noel Sean.


Bigg Boss lashed out at the housemates for ignoring his instructions and violating the rules of the house. He canceled their luxury budget points and levied sanctions on the weekโ€™s ration as well. The housemates apologized to Bigg Boss.

Next new wild card contestant Swathi Deekshith entered the BB house dancing to Allu Arjun’s song Butta Bomma. She gave a task to all the male contestants in the house according to which everyone did something to impress her.

She later inaugurated the lounge room along with Amma Rajasekhar, Akhil, Noel Sean, and Avinash who impressed her in the task. She partied with them as the rest of the housemates watched them enjoy.


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