Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 18, September 24, Highlights

bigg boss telugu 4 highlights
bigg boss telugu 4 highlights

Episode started with Avinash tried to believe something with his opponents to get the batteries to charge from them.

He tried to make with Mehboob, Sohel, and Amma Rajsekhar. Mehboob said that he has no problem with Avinash.

Later, Avinash charges his batteries from Amma Rajsekhar without knowing him that made him felt shocked.

Avinash and his team celebrated for the batteries charged and Amma Rajsekhar felt sad and said that don’t believe Avinash.

Akhil and Abhi argued over each other’s gameplay. Yet another argument broke between Sujatha and Sohail as she wanted to use the washroom.

Monal snatched the blanket of Gangavva, where she lost her cool. Monal switched on the water supply while Robots switched if off, pushes Ariyana and Lasya. She eventually got food while recharging Gangavva.

The ‘Ukku Hrudayam’ aka Humans vs Robots task has finally come to an end and Team Robots were declared as the winners since Abhijeet and Gangavva survived till the end.

Team Robots won the task with four ‘Best Performers’ – Gangavva, Abhijeet, Avinash, and Harika – elected as captaincy contenders. On the other hand, Noel, the captain of the house, was sent to jail after he was chosen as the ‘Worst Performer’ of the task.

Noel Sean becomes the first contestant to be jailed in season 4. Unlike the previous seasons, Noel had to wear the typical prisoner costume and he will be served nothing but Ragi malt and fruits.

As the housemates served Noel coffee, he returned it after Bigg Boss ordered them not to give him anything else. Harika said to finish the coffee but Noel refused to take it.

Earlier, Noel named himself the ‘Worst Performer’ taking the responsibility for letting Divi inside the house during the task. Noel has to prepare the flour for the malt he has to consume. He rapped a song in the jail while the rest of the housemates chorused for him.

Divi felt disgusted for not giving her best for the team but Amma Rajsekhar consoled her.

For the unversed, Abhijeet masterminded Divi’s kidnap that got his team the essential recharge they needed. Monal was upset with Abijeet’s gameplay while Noel and Devi tried to console her.

The upcoming episode will see a new wild card entry and a task to elect a new captain of the house.


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