Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Day 16, September 22, Highlights

bigg boss telugu 4 highlights
bigg boss telugu 4 highlights

Episode started with Avinash entering Monal, Akhil, and others by imitating host Nagarjuna and also playing with Sujatha.

The housemates were cut with gas and water supply then and the task ‘Ukku Hrudayam’ was announced. The best performers of the task will be nominated for the captain of the house.

In the task, the team of robots has to safeguard their silver ball from the team humans who try to kill them by smashing the ball. Team Humans will win only if all the robots are dead.

While Team Humans must stay confined to the garden area, Team Robots have access to everything.

Team Robots must get their batteries charged from Team Humans, the latter have to gain access to food, water, and everything from the team of robots.

Akhil, Amma Rajasekhar, Divi, Noel, Mehboob, Sujatha, Monal, and Sohail belonged to Team Humans while Team Robots includes Abhijeet, Devi, Lasya Manjunath, Avinash, Kumar Sai, Gangavva, and Harika.


Avinash objected to Team Humans hiding fruits and other edible items in their costumes before the task started, Abhijeet as a ration manager, also objected to Noel taking away curd.

Abijeet told his housemates that they can’t stop Mehboob, Akhil, Sohel, and Noel from their opponent team but Avinash and Devi said they will at least try.

Team Humans tried to break the ball but the team robots protected with great support. Later, Team Humans wanted to kill Devi. During the task, there was a rough argument between Mehboob and Devi, Abijeet & others.

Team Humans tried diverting Abijeet and Mehboob finally grabbed the ball from Team Robots after a long tussle and broke it, thereby throwing out Devi from the task.

Team Humans requested one cigarette for Amma Rajasekhar but team robots refused to give and the two teams started mocking each other.

Team Humans helped female contestants by covering the cameras who are in need to use the washroom. Bigg Boss strongly warns the team humans for covering the cameras in the Bigg Boss House.

The housemates also celebrated Jabardasth Avinash’s birthday during the task with gym equipment and protein powder.

The abhijeet who was in an argument with Akhil earlier latter had an argument with his teammate Ariyana about her game strategy and plan who is going to make something better than nothing.


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