Bigg Boss Host Akkineni Nagarjuna Fires on Housemates

bigg boss telugu promo
bigg boss telugu promo

Bigg Boss is all set to third-week elimination, the show is all hitting to the top TRP Rating on Star Maa Television. Bigg Boss buzz is created because of the exciting content from the house such as being loyal, relationships and fights between contestants make the audience interesting day by day to watch the season.

As we can see, the highlights of this week, Transgender Tamanna Simhadri targetted Ravi Krishna because of the nomination done by him on Tamanna Simhadri. This creates a negative impact on Tamanna Simhadri from all the viewers and got huge respect to Ravi Krishna for his patience.

Apart from this, in the captaincy task that was given by Bigg Boss, Ali Reza took the cash from Himaja’s slacks and later she felt sorry for what she has done of not giving money for the water she drank in the task. Himaja, who felt on the legs of Ali Reza made all the housemates disturbance.

The last one, Sreemukhi broke the glasses of the money with the dumble and later says by the Sree Mukhi, Ravi Krishna also breaks the glass with his hand that leads to the injured and all the housemates insulted Sree Mukhi. After this incident, Vithika Sheru along with Varun Sandesh hides all the money from the box to the sofa bed, and later she took care and concern on Ravi Krishna. This made all the viewers of Vithika’s performance.

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