Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Promo – 12th September

bigg boss telugu promo
bigg boss telugu promo

In today episode, Bigg Boss has given a Captaincy Task for the next captain of Bigg Boss Telugu House.

At present, Baba Bhaskar is the captain of Bigg Boss Telugu house. Shiva Jyothi has explained the task rules, the title of captaincy task was “Baruvu Ethagalava Jenda Pathagala Va” , the contestant who will participate should keep the flags from one side to other by lifting a contestant on his backside.

This task was played by Mahesh, Varun, Ravi Krishna, Sri Mukhi, Shiva Jyothi, Vithika. The main players of this task are Ravi Krishna, Mahesh Vitta, Varun Sandesh who lift the housemates.

 Ravi Krishna lifted Sree Mukhi on his backside for the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Captaincy Task.

Varun Sandesh lifted Vithika Sheru on his backside for the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Captaincy Task.

Mahesh Vitta lifted Shiva Jyothi on his backside for the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Captaincy Task.

In this Captaincy task, we can clearly guess that Varun will be a winner of this game. But we can’t say surely there will be a chance for Mahesh Vitta too.

In the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Promo, we can clearly see that Ravi was not able to lift Sree Mukhi, because we all know that Sree Mukhi was the fattest contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote.

On the other promo of Bigg Boss Telugu Promo, the romance between Rahul and Punarnavi continues.

Rahul requested Punarnavi to give curd but Punarnavi replied that the service is disconnected for you if you want again subscribe to it again.

Then our Varun Sandesh asking Rahul what to do to subscribe it again, then Rahul replied that we have to recharge again. The conversation happened in a funny way.

Punarnavi asked Rahul what you will do for me to continue the service. Today Bigg Boss Telugu Vote episode will be interesting.

In the third promo of today’s episode, Punarnavi Bhupalam, at last, completed the task(Cleaning the shoes) given by Bigg Boss.

Who is going to leave the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote house this week? Any guess?

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