Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Promo – 04th September

bigg boss telugu promo
bigg boss telugu promo

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 is going tough day by day. On the 45th day of Bigg Boss episode, the In the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote promo of 04th September, Ali Reza can’t able to control his anger and shouted on the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Contestants.

Then, Punarnavi got disturbed by the voice of Ali Reza and asked to control the anger. Even Ravi Krishna best friend of Ali tried to stop the fight, but Ali is not ready to compromise.

On the other side, Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Contestants crossed the limit of Bigg Boss Telugu Show. Everyone is fighting for the task, and then Bigg Boss announced to stop the game and going to punish the housemate who is the reason for the violence of the Bigg Boss Telugu Vote task.

A lovely couple of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote again started fighting for a silly reason. Vithika wants to spend time with Varun because every wife wants to spend time with her husband. But Varun tried to convince vithika in this way, we are here to entertain the audience of Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Show not for a honeymoon.

Why you are disturbing me from 3 days for a relation, this is a game show don’t repeat it again replied Varun. But Vithika not able to control her emotions, she started crying.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote show is very interesting to watch, we have to wait and see that how Nagarjuna the host of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 is going to react on weekend.

Whether he will take a class of Ali Reza or not, let us wait for the weekend. Who is going to eliminate this week any guesses comment down your opinion?


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